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With an energetic and sometimes humorous style, Kim Cash Tate helps you see how God wants you to know Him more deeply, to live full-on for Him, and to be used by Him to ignite a passion in others for His Word.

For more than twenty years, Kim has been walking with the Lord and continues to be transformed by His Word. In this 6-lesson study, she shares her personal story and biblical examples to show you how to cling to God.

Gain a deeper understanding of the depth of God’s love for you. And discover how to stay intimately connected to God—even through the most difficult times in life.

Series Guide
Are you ready to experience intimacy with God that will sustain you through every season in life?
Kim encourages you to "cling" to God and stresses the importance of staying close to God and allowing Him to satisfy your desire for intimacy as she shares the wisdom of Deuteronomy 13:4 and her personal experiences.
Discover how you can be alive in God and trust Him, totally depending on Him as the source of your strength. Based on Ephesians 2, Kim explains how the power of God brings life into your spirit.
Ephesians 1 talks about God's heart, His plans, and His sovereignty and God's goodness leaps from the pages. Kim encourages you to open your Bible, delight in His Word, and get to know and cling to the One who already knows you.
1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to pray without ceasing though we often pray in the moments when life seems out of control. Kim encourages you to cling to God and be in constant fellowship with Him through prayer.
Focusing on our love toward God through obedience to His commands, based on John 14:21, Kim helps us understand how we can cling to God and abide in His love when we follow His instructions.
God calls you to walk by faith, even with it is scary to step away from what you know and move into unknown territory. Reminding you of God's protection promised in Psalm 91, Kim encourages you to follow God—He will give you courage to do whatever He calls you to do.
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