In Pursuit of Peter


Con Campbell explores the places where Peter lived and traveled to understand how he transformed from uneducated fisherman into one of the most celebrated and beloved Jesus-followers in history.

Series Guide
A fisherman from the Sea of Galilee has his world disrupted when he meets Jesus. Immediately Jesus changes his name from Simon to Peter, meaning “Rock.” But Peter doesn’t understand why. The answer would be revealed over the next few years.
As a follower of Jesus, Peter had a front row seat to His teaching and miracles. Seeing them through Peter’s eyes shows how they altered his paradigm of who Jesus is and the kingdom Jesus came to build.
With Jesus as Messiah, Peter anticipates the conquest of the Roman occupiers and a Jewish kingdom. But when Jesus surrenders to the authorities in Jerusalem, Peter panics. He denies knowing Jesus and is flooded with grief, but soon his hope is renewed when Jesus restores him.
After Jesus departs for heaven, Peter’s rocklike boldness emerges when the Spirit comes and indwells all who believe in Jesus. Three thousand people from around the Roman world respond in faith, and Peter becomes the foundational leader of the Jesus movement.
After Peter leads the church in Jerusalem for a decade, his role changes. As an eyewitness to Jesus’s life and with the heart of a pastor, he moves across the Mediterranean world reminding troubled followers that this world is not their home.
Peter’s final destination is Rome, the center of world influence. From there he writes his final words—words to live by and words to die by. Although he’s crucified by Emperor Nero, his contribution to establishing the faith is incalculable.
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